Easy Tips On How To Change Homework Routine Into Funny Pastime

Homework is stressful and can be very, very boring, especially when there’s a lot of it (and there’s often a lot of it!). It is important, however, to make doing work after school a little more exciting. Since it is such an important part of the learning process at every level, from primary school all the way to university. Below are easy to follow tips on how to make homework a more enjoyable - and even funny - pastime.

  • Work with friends
  • Some people don’t find working with other people that productive, but most find that sometimes chatting problems through with others can be extremely helpful. It is at least worth trying to see whether this is a good way to work for you, although everyone is different and needs different things when studying. However, having friends around you can make the experience just the bit more interesting and fun and can sometimes generate better work than you ever could have done by yourself.

  • Play games
  • Playing games can make anything seem more fun, and homework is no exception. There is a reason that a lot of learning programs for children are so bright, colourful and playful. Having fun makes us learn easier and faster and makes information and facts stick in our memories a lot easier than just reading a dry, dusty old book, for example. Create your own games, such as snap for German or French vocabulary, or time yourself doing maths problems and try to beat your own best score. Making up your own, new sorts of games is fun in and of itself, so be as creative as possible and go mad!

  • Be physical
  • This sounds completely mad because homework is something you do sit still at a table, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there is a lot of scientific evidence to suggest that we learn best when moving around because the blood is getting to our brains much easier. So play some sort of physical game when completing your routine: do 10 star jumps, sit down and do 5 maths problems; go for a run whilst contemplating your essay topic; recite facts as you do push-ups. Anything works, and the more creative you can get with your funny games, the better you will remember the information and facts that you are learning while doing exercise.


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