How Not To Stay Up All Night-Efficient Methods To Tackle Homework

In order for you to be able to handle homework well, and avoid wasting your time by staying up all night, you need to create a homework plan. Read on to learn how to go about it.

Read and understand the assignment

Ensure that you understand the assignment. You could note it down in your notebook. Feel free to ask questions about what is expected. You can also ask about how long the assignment should take. This will help you budget your time.

Utilize extra time

Use any extra time that you have at school to try to attempt the homework. If your school has a study hall, then use it. Use study time or unstructured time to tackle the questions instead of wasting time by loitering around.

Find a good location

Watch where you do the homework. It should be in a place that has no distractions. For instance, don’t do the homework in the kitchen, where your siblings are fighting, where there is a TV and so on. Sit in a quiet location especially if the assignment requires some skill and high levels of concentration. You also shouldn’t study on your comfortable bed. The place should also be spacious to enable you spread out your materials.

Doing the assignment

Once you begin doing the assignment, tackle the hardest problems first. This is because you have the most energy at this time. You can focus on the simpler things later, when you are more tired. In case you are stuck on a problem, try to figure it out. However, don’t spend too much time on it. This will end up spoiling your homework schedule for the night. If you need help, consult an elder sibling, or you could call your classmate to get some advice. Don’t call someone who you will soon divert the purpose of the call and start chatting for hours long.

Take a break.

It is common for people not to have long attention spans. It is advisable that you take some short breaks as you do your assignment. If you sit for too long without stretching or relaxing, you will become less productive. These short breaks do help.


Once you are done with your homework and you still have some extra time, go through your work. Ensure that you put it safely in your backpack. Imagine completing an assignment and failing to find it when it is time to hand it over.

In case you still have problems, get help when you need it.


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