Math Homework For 4th Graders: How To Get Good Grades

Math is one of the most easiest or one of the hardest things you can learn in school. Although at such a young age you don’t really know what part of the brain you use the most, and you can’t really decide if you prefer math or not ( you will be able to do it later) you can still do some things in order to improve your calculation skills and to have better grade in math. Math in 4th grade is relatively easy and it will not prove to be way to difficult ,but just in case you are experiencing trouble, you should try these things.

  • Calculator. This is a useful tool, even for high school students, so you can try and use it as well. In high school math becomes much harder, and you need a calculator at some point, so you don’t waste too much time on the calculating part itself, but in the 4th grade you should not need it, because it is fairly simple. But just in case, if you do feel like you need a little extra help, you should have a calculator nearby and do your homework with it, so that you will can check and see if you answer is ok. You should not type into the calculator first, because that will ruin your work, you will solve the problem, but because the calculator solved it for you, you will not know how to do it by yourself. And once you get to school and you get a test for example, you will need to know how to do it by yourself.
  • Teacher. Ask your teacher to help you out. They are put there to help students out and if they see that you are struggling with a problem, they can explain it to you in a different way, that will make you understand the theory better and you can start putting it into practice as well. Don’t be shy and don’t worry about what the other kids will say, the teacher will be glad to see that, although you haven’t done your homework, it’s not because you were just lazy, but because you didn’t understand how and you need some more help into figuring out how.
  • Parents. Another person to ask for help. Which one is there with you doesn’t really matter, as long as you ask them nicely for their help, and since they are grownups they will know how to solve it and they will help you out with it.


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