5 Helpful Suggestions On How To Focus On Homework

Even with the best intentions, focusing on homework can seem like an impossible task. For students to get a good grade, they must be able to get their homework done in a timely manner. By using these suggestions, students can learn how to focus on their homework and stop procrastinating.

Work Smarter

Most students have to memorize vocabulary words at some point in their scholastic career. Instead of reserving memorization for after school, students can work smarter by doing it at school or on the bus. Students should make flash cards and use them to study while they are on bus. Any spare minute can be used for studying so that the student has more time for other assignments after school.

Remove Distractions

Mobile phones, television sets and other devices are terribly distracting for students. Every time the student gets a text message, it forces them to stop focusing on their homework. To get an assignment completed faster, students should remove every distraction. If possible, the student should try working in a library or office space that offers them the quiet environment that they need.

Take Breaks

As a reward, students should take a five or ten minute break every hour. In addition to being a reward for focusing, taking a break will actually help the student to focus better. It gives their mind a chance to recharge and allows them to complete assignments much quicker. No one is able to focus for hours without resting, so students should not expect themselves to do this either.

Do Schoolwork Immediately

Once the student gets home from school, they should immediately start doing their homework. Later on in the evening, the student will be tired and it will be much harder to do their work. In addition, students should begin doing the hardest assignment first while their mind is still fresh. This will make it easier to get the difficult assignment done and ensure that the student has easier assignments when they are more tired.

Make It a Game

Setting goals, using a timer or working with a friend can make homework more enjoyable. For competitive students, a stop watch can be used. The student should set a goal for completing an assignment and use the stop watch to beat their time. Students can also use memory games like concentration with their flashcards to make learning information more enjoyable. Homework may still seem tedious, but making it into a game will make the time go by a little faster.


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