Why Homework Is Good: A List of Arguments

You may hate to do your homework, but in fact it has been invented to help you. Keep reading to learn in what ways homework benefits you – and what you will lose if it is abolished.

  • Homework helps you prepare for tests and exams.
  • Completing homework assignments is an excellent opportunity to practice the skills you will need to pass your final assessments. The more you read, analyze, think, and write, the better you are prepared to do the same at exams. The more problems you solve, the easier you will cope with similar ones at math tests. Students who have homework usually perform better in the end than those who have none.

  • Homework is useful to detect and close gaps in your knowledge.
  • Time limits for doing your homework are much less strict than those you face on tests and exams. You have enough time to work through the problem on your own, or get a consultation from your teacher. If you don’t understand your homework, you can ask your tutor a question and get explanations. Imagine what would have happened if you first saw this question on your exam and had no idea how to answer it.

  • Homework develops your skills of time management.
  • Where there is no challenge, there is no development. Honestly, would you ever learn to write ten pages in a day if not for that essay you had to submit tomorrow? Would you learn to balance your personal life and studies at least as well as you do now? Would you be able to juggle so many tasks and obligations? You will desperately need these skills in your adult life.

  • Homework prepares you for higher education.
  • Once at college or university, you will get much more assignments to do outside the classroom. Research projects, term papers, and your master’s dissertation – you are supposed to do all these on your own. If you have never done homework, you may have a very hard time trying to organize yourself without a tutor to control your every step.

  • Homework can build your confidence and self-esteem.
  • When you cope well and get a positive feedback from your teacher, your spirits go up, don’t they? Not everyone can win recognition as a school athlete, but almost everyone can become a good student. When there is at least one thing you do really well, it makes you feel much better about yourself.

  • Homework enables you to study in a more comfortable environment.
  • If you are an introverted type, you probably prefer your bedroom to a classroom crammed with your fellow students.


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