How To Do Homework Like A Pro: The Essentials For Newbies

Have you just entered high school and are feeling overwhelmed by the volume of homework you are receiving? Or perhaps your course load this year is heavier than ever and you need to make more efficient use of your time? Whatever the reason, you need to hone your homework skills. We have some tips to help you go pro!

  • Set A Schedule
  • Decide when you will have a block of time that allows you to complete one or more of your homework assignments. Ideally, at least half an hour at the bare minimum. If you know you have a term paper or a large assignment approaching, try to do some work on it every day or so. Ignoring a 10 page research paper until the day before it is due will do nothing to improve your grade.

    Even worse, you'll end up super-stressed out when it comes time to stay up all night to get it done. The quality of your work will improve drastically when you are well-prepared and relaxed. Set a schedule that allows you to get your assignments done in a timely fashion, and stick to that schedule.

  • Get Organized
  • Everyone has their own system for arranging course material and keeping track of assignment due dates. For some people a giant wall calender is an effective way to keep their mind focused on the many tasks that lie in the month ahead.

    For notes, readings and other data, have a consistent and comprehensive system in place to keep track of all the information that you need to keep close. So many students waste so much time searching for a piece of paper or a file on a cluttered desk. You'll have more time (and less stress) on your hands if you know where to go to find what you need for your homework assignments.

  • Drive Away Any Distractions
  • You will make more efficient use of your time if you have a quiet space where you can focus on the work that needs to be done. Turn off the TV, the mobile phone, and if you want to listen to music, choose something calming.

It has been suggested that listening to instrumental music is better than having songs with lyrics playing while you work. Your mind tends to want to follow the words being sung, and you concentrate less on your work. Try some classical or jazz, and leave the pop music out!


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