How To Tackle First Grade Homework: Helpful Suggestions

If you have a small child who is struggling with homework there are things that you can do to help make homework easier for them:

  • Set a timer. If you have a timer set each time they sit down to do work, it will help them to focus better. They will know that they only have to work until the timer goes off. This keeps them from constantly looking at a clock or never knowing when their assignments will end.
  • Give them time to move around. There is no reason they cannot walk around the living room while reading their textbook. If they feel antsy and need to move, do not force them to sit down if they do not have to.
  • Make sure you are nearby. You should never hold the pen or pencil for them, but you should be nearby to answer any questions and to guide them. You should sit with them and help them. They should know that if they get stuck, they have someone right there.
  • Create a special study space for them. They should have a unique place where they get to do homework and nothing else. This space should be free from distraction. Turn off any cell phones or televisions. Avoid taking calls or texting while your child is trying to work because this can hinder their focus or concentration.
  • Make sure that they work around the same time every day. If they do homework a little bit each day, it will become second nature to them. They will focus better and faster, and they will not feel as though homework is a chore they have to do once per week. Instead it will be much less work for each “session” and they will find that homework is completed faster each day, which gives them a sense of accomplishment and the motivation they need to sit down and focus the next day.
  • Have all of their supplies nearby. You should give them a box or bag inside of which all of their school supplies are located. This will reduce the number of times either of you have to get up to retrieve things while they are working.
  • You want to make sure to put the finished homework in their backpack or book bag at the end of each session. This will teach them to stay organized, to prepare for the next day, and will help to reduce the number of times they forget their work at home.


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