Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is what is known in politics as a “hot button” issue. It is something over which both of the two key political parties will argue over time and time again. There are many considerations to bear in mind when considering immigration and the toll it takes on an economy. For some countries illegal immigration rises with rising conflicts nearby. For others it drains the economy and tax system. And yet no matter these negative consequences, illegal immigration has a large impact on many countries, one which is positive and one which—if taken away—would leave the economy in pieces.

In many places around the world, people flee their home countries when a conflict arises nearby. Currently the world is facing a big question regarding illegal immigration due to the fact that so much conflict is happening in the Middle East and in parts of North Africa. As a result, families flee across oceans and with free movement laws in places such as Europe and America, they move around until they settle on a country with the best living and education standards.

In doing so, these illegal immigrants start to drain the economy because of the benefits that they can assume, free of charge. Some countries and states offer higher benefits for those who are unemployed, or provide free education for children up through high school. Such measures are often used by illegal immigrants, and it is for this reason that opponents to illegal immigration take issue with the subject. There is a clear drain on the economy for those countries who have rising illegal immigration rates, but there is no legislation to counter this at present. Those who work without paying taxes are considered a secondary nuisance due to the fact that they take from the government handouts but do not put anything back like legal citizens.

In spite of the drain on society and the fact that nearby conflicts increases this drain, the economies of countries with high illegal immigration are those who benefit the most from it. In some cases, those illegal immigrants take up jobs in areas that legal citizens would never consider. They work longer hours, for less pay, and in worse circumstances. In spite of the human rights violations that may take place in their place of work, they work tirelessly to make ends meet. Without this base of work at the foundational level of every economy, the economy would not function.


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