5 Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned: An Expert's Point Of View

The following outlines five good reasons as to why homework should be banned.

  1. Children often copy each other
  2. A good reason for banning homework is that students can simply copy the work from each other. Ultimately, this will mean that individuals do not get any benefit from having to do the work. In fact, it is often the students who understand the work less who will be more tempted to copy the work. As a result, teachers will be less likely to identify weaker students, who could otherwise do with extra help, if they have copied the work from strongest students.

  3. Children can copy answers from the Internet
  4. Just as students can copy from each other, they can also copy answers from the Internet as well. In fact, the Internet enables students to not only copy answers and information from a wide range of different websites, but it is even possible for individuals to download complete essays that have been written and published online.

  5. Technological differences exist as a result of wealth, which can create imbalance in the classroom
  6. Another drawback for asking children to do work at home is the fact that some students, from rich families which may have better access to technology than others. Therefore, there is a danger that an imbalance will be created within the classroom, with richer students unfairly gaining an advantage over those from poor families.

  7. Students already have too many pressures
  8. One argument, which is often cited, is that students have so many other pressures in their daily lives that extra work is simply unnecessary. In fact, with so many tests and exams, students already find school incredibly stressful at times. Furthermore, requiring students to do work at home can prevent them from taking part in other activities, such as sport, which could otherwise be healthy for them.

  9. Teachers have to spend too long marking the work
  10. Finally, it is worth pointing out that teachers may not necessarily want to set so much homework, just as much as students may not want to do it. Ultimately, teachers will have to spend a great deal of time marking work, which could otherwise be spent in more productive ways, such as developing and planning lessons more effectively, for example. Furthermore, the amount of work required to mark assignments can be off-putting for any potential new teachers entering the profession.


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