The answer to a popular question: why is homework important

Homework and school

The least favorite thing for most of the students is the homework. They simply hate the idea of going to school for 8 hours and then getting back home and again studying for another 2-3 hours. This can get monotonous and annoying. Students have their social life, their friends, their family life, and even their own passions that they want to dedicate their time. Lengthy homework tasks are the last thing a student would prefer to do. However, have you ever considered the question why you actually get home tasks? Do you think your teachers have enough time to teach you at school assign you homework and check it afterwards at the weekend? They have to deal with a class of 30 or more students, do you think it is a fair deal with them to check lengthy and loaded with mistakes assignments? Do you think they assign you home tasks out of personal interest? What gain would they have from you doing the homework? Nothing, there is nothing in it for them. The homework is only supposed to benefit you, as the student. You think this does not make sense. Continue reading to find more sense in this argument.

The importance of homework

If you think homework is nothing but a burden, then you are very wrong. Homework is supposed to help students in many ways. Our only problem is that we underestimate the homework. Here is a list of reasons why homework is important for students.

  • It helps you revise the lecture you attended in class
  • It helps in giving you a better understanding of the subject
  • Fun tasks can make the subject interesting
  • It helps in preparing for your exams
  • It makes your memory efficient
  • You can polish your creativity by attempting home assignments
  • Succeed in impressing your teacher and get a good grade
  • It helps you stay ahead of the class when you research on your own
  • It can increase your level of interest in the subject
  • It will help you in staying organized and planning your work

Each of these bullets can have a complete detail to it to help you show the importance of homework. By the end of this article, it is hopefully clear that homework is not a burden but an important part of your academic life.


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