5 Tricks That Can Help You Do 6th Grade Math Homework

Whatever you are doing in your life, having some tricks up your sleeve that you can turn to in order to get tasks done is a big plus. It is often coping mechanisms rather than skill or talent that get people through the grimmest of tasks. Right now, chances are you are in trench mentality. Sitting staring at your homework as if it were set by aliens rather than your friendly, affable teacher. That’s all very and well and good but it is not going to get your homework done! So, before you waste any more valuable time here’re 5 tricks that can help you do 6th grade math homework.

Remember what you did in 5th grade

Everything that you do in your school life is designed to help you progress. So, the things that you found incredibly challenging in say second or third grade should now seem babyish. Well, in a few years you will look back at what you are doing now and think “What I did in 6th grade was so easy!” Half of the battle is in remembering and retaining the information that we have already been taught. Take a moment or two to reflect on what you do know, rather than worrying about what you don’t.

Have all of your tools to hand

Math is all about problem solving and a good problem solver will understand that the easiest way of overcoming any problem is to have the relevant tools of the trade at their disposal. By tools, I am not talking hammers and spanners, but rather compasses and protractors. Having these easy to hand will make your life a whole lot easier.

Don’t be afraid of your calculator

Using a calculator is not cheating. Indeed many examiners will now permit you take one into the actual exam. Sometimes the solution lies in how you tackle the problem, rather than the actual answer itself. In order to use a calculator you still need to understand what to input! Go on, don’t make this any harder than it needs to be.

Do it in a timely manner

I was going to say do it in a leisurely manner but that does imply a certain kind of laziness. Timeliness is key. Try and get it at least started early that way you will have time to seek help if you need to and you shouldn’t feel under the kind of pressure that comes from leaving it to the last minute.

Use online homework helpers

Math is one of the few subjects where I openly advocate the use of online homework helpers and calculators. The margins of error are much smaller than with other subjects and they can be a painless way of taking on board new information without feeling rushed.


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